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October Snow

Yesterday we ventured out with Helen to Bethel to the sight of the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. When we left New York City it was cold but the drive was beautiful with the colourful Fall leaves lining the highway. As we arrived in Bethel it was lightly snowing, and I was ecstatic, jumping around in the little snowflakes, but they were melting pretty fast… After the very interesting walk through the Bethel Center for the Arts Woodstock exhibition, we came outside to find a blanket of snow almost 2 inches thick! It continued to snow and we drove through wonderful white forests, made angels and threw snowballs. Sadly though, we had to leave and we realised that the snow was not going to stop. It continued well into the night and caused chaos on the roads. Many cars were sliding off the road and buried under a pile of snow. We got stuck in a traffic jam for 4 hours only to be turned around, then we drove down a mountain pass (on the GPS’ recommendation) and found the road was closed so we had to reverse back up the steep hill. Eventually, we made it back to the city and found that there was even an inch of snow that fell in Central Park, the first October snow since records began in 1869! Here are some photos to show you our snowy adventure :)

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